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Cursed Treasures

 “They are amongst the greatest treasures known to humankind. Revered and feared for centuries. But many of them have a dark history. Their creators possessed of madness and misery. Their finders and holders struck by illness, death and misfortune. Dare you discover the secrets of the cursed treasures?”

 In this thrilling new ten part series we travel the world in search of some of the most famous treasures in history. From Tutankhamun to The Terracotta Army; from the Hope Diamond to the Amber Room. All are objects that have mesmerised and terrorised those who have pursued them and viewed them.

 Each episode reveals the deadly provenance behind four notorious artefacts. The stories featured are told through interviews with some of the world’s leading experts in their field, who try to unravel the mystery behind these fascinating, doomed objects: the storytelling complimented by cutting-edge CGI, drama reconstruction and an Aladdin’s cave of archive. 

 CURSED TREASURES takes the viewer on a journey into the dark heart of those priceless objects that often come with the ultimate price tag: human life itself.